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Part 3 - Checklist for confirmed travelers

I Leave for the Taiga Soon! Final Trip Preparation...

  • I have contacted the TCVC or a TCVC representative and confirmed my arrival date, group size, and general trip information. OR I have confirmed my trip with my tour operator and made sure that my operator has confirmed my trip with the TCVC.
  • I have a translator and transport arranged for travel to and from the TCVC.
  • I have paid my security deposit to the TCVC OR my tour operator has taken care of this.
  • I have a valid Mongolian visa, letter of invitation, or other documents required by Mongolian immigration authorities specific to my nationality.
  • I have all documentation needed to obtain a border permit and have a scheduled date to pick up my permit in UB or Murun.
  • I have read the TCVC Visitors’ Handbook and printed out a copy to take on my trip.
  • I have a warm sleeping bag, riding boots, and other items on the packing list.