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Part 4 - Money Issues

Payment for Services:

Payment for your trip should happen ONLY at the TCVC with the assistance of a TCVC manager. You will be given a signed receipt that details the total cost of your trip. Revenue is divided amongst guides and cooks who worked on your trip, and the Tsaatan Community Fund, which is an important community-wide resource that benefits all Tsaatan individuals. You should NEVER pay for services when you are out in the taiga. (Handicrafts are the exception) The TCVC was founded on herders’ desire for an accountable and transparent system. This only works if all parties, including guests, operate according to TCVC protocol. Payments should be made in cash in local currency (Tugrik).


Tipping is not required, but of course appreciated. You may wish to tip your guides, cooks, or hosts. If so, please specify when handing a tip to someone who it is for. For example, is it to be shared amongst all the guides, or is it just for the individual you are handing it to? As for amount, it is really up to the visitor. As a general guideline, you may want to consider a total amount given in tips equal to 10-30% of your total trip price. If you wish to give more than this amount, it is best to consider a donation to the TCVC Community Fund, which benefits the entire community through micro loans, scholarships, and community projects. Talk to a TCVC manager about how to donate to the community fund.