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Part 2 - Packing List for the Taiga


Large quantities of money and valuables should be left behind in the locked storage room at the TCVC. The only money you will need in the taiga is for handicrafts and souvenir items sold by community members. Prices range from 3,000-50,000 MNT for items of varying design and quality. Small denominations of bills are best, as change is rarely if ever available in the taiga. Purchases can be made directly with herders.


You do not need, nor is it possible, to transport a lot of luggage to the taiga. It is recommended that you pack the essentials into a small backpack that can be worn on the horse trek or a small soft duffle that can be tied onto a pack-horse. If you wish to carry a lot of gear, you may need to rent an additional pack-horse. There is a locking storage closet at the TCVC where you can store items and valuables that you would like to leave behind.

Packing list for the taiga*

Be prepared for extreme weather. It may be hot and sunny or it may be snowing, all within a few hours. Layers, lightweight, and compact are critical.

  • Passport, passport photos, visas, emergency contacts, insurance card, etc.
  • Sleeping bag (rated to around 0 degrees F)
  • Ground pad/sleeping mat
  • Tent (optional, but should be compact)
  • Smallish duffle or backpack and/or a daypack
  • Money pouch or money belt for keeping passport and money on you at all times
  • Very warm jacket (down jacket that stuffs into a small sack is best)
  • Full raingear (jacket, pants, hat/hood)
  • Long underwear (not cotton) and other layers such as fleece
  • Warm socks ( wool or Smart Wool are great)
  • Clothing that can be layered. Natural fibers such as wool and silk are recommended
  • Full length pants for riding
  • Deel (traditional Mongolian clothing). Useful but not required
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Pocket knife
  • Sunglasses with strap or cord
  • Sun hat with chin strap (strapless hats blow off when you ride)
  • Water bottle with clip, string, or carabiner (to clip onto your saddle)
  • Water pump, filtration device, or iodine tablets
  • Winter hat, gloves, scarf
  • Flashlight (head lamp recommended)
  • Electronics: The last place you will be able to charge batteries is in Murun
  • Personal medical supplies and toiletries (see below)
  • Riding boots or chaps**

**Note: calf height boots or chaps are best to prevent bruising on Mongolian stirrup straps. Boots should have a narrow sole to prevent foot from being stuck in stirrups, and smooth or minor ridges (treads) on bottom of boot so foot does not get stuck in stirrup if you fall. You should not wear gym shoes, sandals, or heavily treaded boots. You can buy riding boots in UB or Murun, but you probably won’t find any in Tsagaan Nuur. The biggest concern about boots is that they are not waterproof. If it is raining or you are trekking through rivers, expect your feet to get wet. Prepare for this by treating boots or lining boots with plastic bags.

*It is your responsibility to contact your tour operator to see what supplies they provide or for any additional packing list that they may have. Tour operators carry general-use medicine kits with bandages, basic pharmaceuticals, and splint materials, however, you will need to bring your own supplies as listed above. Remember to ALWAYS carry the prescription for RX drugs with you.