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Part 5 - Goods and Services Offered by the TCVC

Entering the TCVC is free and encouraged. You can gain access to cultural information, updates on routes and weather conditions, and much more at no charge. 100% of revenue from fee-based services goes to the Tsaatan community and the TCVC.

Riding Horses
The only way to reach Tsaatan camps is by horseback. Horses are well-adapted to the taiga terrain and are equipped with comfortable, Russian-style saddles.
Packhorses carry all your gear and food. Approx. 1 packhorse is needed for every 2-3 people in your group.
Your guide(s) will be Tsaatan herders with expert knowledge of the local terrain and culture. All TCVC guides are trained in basic first-aid and guiding skills.
Includes a combination of lodging at the TCVC and in Tsaatan teepees.
Your cook(s) will prepare delicious meals, served in a friendly, home atmosphere. It is time-consuming and difficult for travelers to cook on their own. Hiring a cook brings income to the community, in particular women, single parent households, and elderly who cannot serve as guides. Highly recommended.
Meals Kits
Includes all ingredients necessary for your cook to prepare delicious meals. There are no food materials available outside of Tsagaan Nuur.
The sale of handicrafts is a vital source of income for remote herders, including children and elders unable to participate as TCVC cooks or guides.
Guided nature exploration & other activities (arranged upon request)