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Part 3 - Orientation

Where is the TCVC?

The TCVC is located in the northernmost village, Tsagaan Nuur, of Mongolia’s northernmost province, Hovsgol. The availability of food and beverages is limited in Tsagaan Nuur. Typically there is always bottled water, lots of candy, cookies, and juices but items such as fresh and dried fruit, nuts, and specialty drinks are non-existent. Water from the lake must be boiled or filtered before consumption. The TCVC does not have a filter but water can be boiled for you upon request. There is a public shower house in town. Ask your guide to assist in making a reservation. There are no guarantees as to the availability of goods that you may need, (including towels, hats, sunscreen, bug repellent, and riding boots.) Make sure that you have everything you need before you leave Murun.

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What to expect: Getting there

Depending on how you choose to travel to Tsagaan Nuur, you may travel from UB to Murun via air travel or by driving approximately 20 hours. In Murun you must obtain border permits for travel to the Tsagaan Nuur region at the Border Protection Authority office (see permit information) There are virtually no services north of Murun so be sure to have snacks and water for your drive. Additionally, there is no guarantee that any necessary items (sunscreen, hats, or specialty food items) will be available in Tsagaan Nuur. Murun is your last chance for gathering supplies, checking e mail, and charging electronic devices.

From Murun, your only option for transport is by vehicle. You will drive approximately 12 hours to Tsagaan Nuur (there are no flights.) Drivers can be contracted at the Murun Tourist Information Center. About four hours outside of Murun is a small ger compound (Biltis) where you may or may not be able to obtain food and sleep over for the night. Another four hours north is a small town (soum center) called Ulaan Uul, with shops to buy basic snacks and water but there are no guarantees that they will be open or have what you are looking for. Fuel is available in Ulaan Uul but not north of there. Drivers should fuel up and bring filled spare canisters to avoid getting stranded. The road from Murun to Tsagaan Nuur will be bumpy, you may blow a tire or get stuck in the mud and Dramamine is recommended for nausea and kidney belts for your lower back. Drivers appreciate music tapes or tape adapters for music players. Be patient and expect delays.

Transport cost estimates to reach the TCVC are as follows, but of course are subject to change.

Transport cost estimates to reach the TCVC
Transportation Cost
Roundtrip airfare from UB-Murun $100-$300
Public transport drive from UB-Murun (includes fuel) $20-$40
Public transport drive from Murun-Tsagaan Nuur (if available) $20-$40
Chartered vehicle with driver (daily rate, not including fuel)* $30-$50
One-way UB-Murun fuel costs for chartered vehicle $150-$250
One-way fuel costs Murun-Tsagaan Nuur for chartered vehicle $100-$200
Average cost per person for transport to/from TCVC...
Transportation Cost
By air and private vehicle $450
By public vehicle transport $120
By private vehicle transport $300

(Based on a group of 4 people for a 7-day trip)

*Fees are charged for chartered vehicles for the duration of your trip, including waiting days, not just driving days. You are responsible for providing food and accommodations for your driver while traveling. TCVC accommodate drivers during your trip.