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Part 6 - Pricing

Trip costs are calculated based on the exact goods and services you use. Goods and services have unit prices based on market values, but trip costs are quoted as a package price. The TCVC has a unique financial system that distributes revenue between individual service providers (i.e. guides, cooks) as well as to a Tsaatan Community Fund. The Community Fund is independently managed by a council of Tsaatan elected leaders, and is used for scholarships, emergency loans, community projects such as conservation activities, and more. The Fund ensures that 100% of Tsaatan individuals benefit from the TCVC. It also promotes cooperation and long-term economic sustainability in the community.

The exact units of goods or services you use (for example, number of horses and number of days), including a set portion for the Community Fund and for operational expenses, is calculated to arrive at the total trip price. No two trips are the same, so it is almost impossible to give exact price quotes or per day fees. Please be assured that your trip cost will be carefully calculated based only on the goods and services you use. However, as is true with trip outfitters and tour operators, unit prices are not typically disclosed. Guests are asked to kindly respect this pricing system. An itemized list of goods and services used can certainly be made upon request. All payments should be made in cash, in local currency (MNT), or via bank transfer if arrangements are made with the manager on duty.

As a very rough estimate, trips range from $35-75 per person, per day, including horses, guide service, accommodations, and meals. These prices do NOT include transport to or from Ulaanbaatar or Murun, translators, visas, or other services that cannot be provided by the TCVC. When considering if a trip to the taiga is right for you, please contact a tour operator to estimate the total costs involved for a trip to visit the Tsaatan.

For a customized trip quote for the TCVC portion of your trip, please contact a TCVC representative by clicking here.

100% of revenue for TCVC goods and services goes to the Tsaatan community. No other party earns revenue through the TCVC!