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Part 4 - TCVC Officially Endorsed Tour Operator Partners

A core goal of the TCVC is that 100% of visitation to the Tsaatan community be coordinated through the TCVC. The TCVC is the ONLY Tsaatan owned, operated, and endorsed outlet for visits to their community. However, the Tsaatan recognize that tour operators are critical partners in facilitating trips to their community. Tour operators connect directly with international travelers, provide logistical support such as translators, transport, visas, and permits, and ensure that travel to the remote taiga region inhabited by the Tsaatan is safe, enjoyable, and in compliance with local laws and regulations. The TCVC is designed to work in partnership with tour operators, NOT in competition with them. When both parties work together, everyone involved benefits. The TCVC does not make any more or less money if a trip is organized through an operator, but operator-supported trips almost always go much smoother and are more enjoyable for everyone involved, including the Tsaatan. If tour operators are not involved, disasters can happen. Independent travelers often believe they are capable of coordinating a trip to the Tsaatan without the support of an operator, or perhaps even without a translator. Almost always a significant problem arises, such as the following: Border permits are not in order. Visas are not obtained in advance. There is no translator available to call for help in the event of an emergency. Public transport is delayed or non-existent at the time of travel. The community has no way of preparing for or communicating with visitors. Travelers get lost, deported, arrested, confused, or are simply unable to engage meaningfully with the Tsaatan.

Please respect the Tsaatan’s request that you be prepared and be responsible. To do so, the TCVC recommends that you work with one of the following Officially-Endorsed Tour Operator Partners. These companies have demonstrated a commitment to sustainable, culturally, and environmentally sensitive tourism, and have been recognized by the Tsaatan as ideal partners for making your trip possible. They believe in the TCVC project as well as the Tsaatan’s right to be active participants in all visits to their community.

TCVC Officially Endorsed Tour Operator Partners:

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