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Plan a Trip

This section will help you decide if a trip to visit the Tsaatan community is right for you, and if so, how to utilize the TCVC to make your trip a success. Because the TCVC is owned and operated by the remote Tsaatan community, direct communication with the Center is very difficult. This website is designed to be a comprehensive resource for trip planning and preparation.

Part 1 - First Things First

The best way to plan your trip is to follow the steps below:

  1. Read the information on this website to determine if a trip to the taiga is right for you. Taiga trips are physically challenging and transport over long distances in Mongolia can be very costly. Click here to read information on what to expect.
  2. Determine your travel dates, duration, and how many people will be in your group.
  3. Contact a TCVC Officially-Endorsed Tour Operator Partner to put together the logistics needed to access the TCVC. Independent travelers are STRONGLY urged to consider working with a tour operator, as the TCVC cannot provide services such as transport to and from Tsagaan Nuur village (where the TCVC is located), acquisition of border permits, visas, or translators. There are many tour operators who offer independent-style travel, but that can provide the essential support needed for a trip to the taiga. Click here for more information about tour operators who support the TCVC.
  4. Refer back to this website in order to obtain information to prepare for your trip including a packing list and cultural impact information. Click here to access and print the TCVC Visitors’ Handbook prior to travel and carry it with you on your trip.
  5. Before your trip, be sure you have paid your security deposit and have confirmed your arrival with the TCVC.